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Each sale from our Etsy shop benefits a vital non-profit working in areas important to us and our community. 

If you would like to place a custom vessel order for a special event or would like to schedule a makers party, (kids, adults, family reunions, bridal) please contact us at​

​​​​​​Our vessels are each unique, hand-dipped and hand-sculpted. They make beautiful addition for your event, display tables, or vanity, and can be used with LED candles, for small houseplants/succulents, dried flowers, bath salts, art brushes, desktop items, or other small keepsakes. Medium vessels measure approx. 4-5" wide x 4"-6" tall.

Price ranges from $20 to $90. Selected vessels can currently found on our Etsy store or in shops locally at:

Urban Orchid                                              Tart Boutique

2062 Murray Hill Rd                                   20145 Lake Rd

Cleveland, OH 44106                                 Rocky River, OH 44116

Contact us directly for a custom order, describing what you are looking for in color, size, texture, or for what occasion, and we'll make a beautiful and cherishable vessel just for you.

*Real candles may be used, but may change the shape of your vessel. If you do use with tea lights or votives (not recommended for vessels with narrow openings) always protect the inside bottom with 3cm of sand, small stones, coffee grains or coarse salt. Do not use scented candles, as the flame will always lick higher and could cause damage. Avoid direct all-day sun and heaters. Do not leave unattended while lit. Do enjoy the aging process of your vessel.

Unless otherwise noted, your vessel is waterproof and will hold water or water soaked floral foam for fresh cut flowers. If you plan to use your vessel as a planter, simply use a screw to slowly create 1 to 3 aeration holes on the bottom.